The Road To Recovery Starts With Mental Strength

In this day and age, people seem to love talking about “THE GRIND.”

It seems as though if you aren’t “grinding” or “hustling,” then you aren’t being productive and you aren’t bettering yourself. Yet the whole “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mentality leaves out one (massively) important aspect of a healthy lifestyle -- recovery.

Without recovery, you can’t keep “grinding” to your full potential. Without recovery, your “hustle” consists of much less hustle and much more wheels spinning without going anywhere. Society is constantly telling you to “tough it out,” but sometimes the toughest thing of all is to take a step back from your “grind,” in order to give yourself a mental, physical, and emotional break.

In order to function at your optimal potential, you must allow yourself to RESET, REPAIR, and RECOVER.

The need for recovery in everyday life is crucial, and this applies just as significantly to the athletic and fitness lifestyle.

You want to be mentally and physically tough. You may want to prove your toughness to yourself, your coach, your teammates, your peers -- maybe even the world! But gone are the days of uneducated coaches who crush their athletes under the pretense of mental strength. There is a fine line between mental strength and -- pure foolishness. Mental strength is knowing when your body needs rest and recovery.

Mental strength is the driving force that will push you through life and tough workouts. Mental strength is also the pulling force that you need to allow to execute itself to hold you back and prevent you from overworking yourself at times.

If you do not cater to your body’s needs when it comes to recovery, then you cannot expect it to perform at its best, around the clock, and you can definitely expect to be much more prone to injury.

Having always recognized the importance of recovery in life, sports, and the active lifestyle, Dr. Carmen Romano of Madison, NJ took it upon himself to educate the Greater New York Area on the need for recovery and the active steps you can take to help yourself perform at a higher pace in life.

Through his ventures including R3 Recovery Lab, Madison Medical, and MadMed Wellness, Dr. Romano has taken the initiative to ensure that the latest recovery services are accessible to not just professional athletes, but to your everyday patient and “weekend-warriors.” Whether you’re a crossfitter, a yogi, a college or high school athlete, an active worker or active parent who needs help refilling the tank -- Dr. Romano created R3 so that you can ALL take time to recover -- and get back on your “grind.”