How Do Infrared Saunas Lower Anxiety?

How Do Saunas Help Reduce Anxiety?

In addition to reducing anxiety, infrared saunas also help improve a person’s mental health and his or her overall mood. Furthermore, the exerted heat in saunas help reduce restlessness, depression and stress by providing calming effects. Researchers strongly believe that stimulating the skin with heat is extremely beneficial for anxiety and depression as it activates cells that release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and promotes happiness, sleep, motivation and appetite, into the brain. Additionally, according to Optimal Living Dynamics, multiple studies have proven that regular sauna visits help lower cortisol levels in the body--cortisol is considered your body’s primary stress hormone. It’s evident that infrared saunas obtain many benefits aside from reducing anxiety.

A study involving 45 women and men was conducted after they visited a sauna for the first time. The participants answered two questionnaires regarding their mood and anxiety levels after sauna bathing. Eight negative emotions--fatigue, dejection, anger, anxiety, vigor, depression, confusion and hostility--were revealed to have improved significantly afterwards, according to an article written by Craig Lahti for Finnleo. Furthermore, restlessness is an extremely common side effect of those who experience anxiety. Those who experience restlessness find themselves constantly fidgeting, pacing and ultimately unable to relax. The heat from the sauna calms and dispels common symptoms of anxiety, such as restlessness. Lastly, sweating can often reduce feelings of anxiety and frustration, as well as initiate relaxation. According to Good Health Saunas, the participant typically feels much less fidgety and more relaxed after just a twenty minute session.

How Saunas Reduce Chance of Fatigue/Insomnia

Saunas are often used to help improve an individual’s sleep schedule. Whether a person suffers from fatigue or insomnia, saunas can help alleviate one or the other. As for fatigue, experiencing lasting levels of it can be extremely dangerous, considering fatigue is when a person’s body, organs, joints and muscles are completely depleted and shutdown. Of course, when dealing with this level of exhaustion, the most important thing to do is to drink a lot of water, rest and eat nutritional foods. However, according to Good Health Saunas, infrared saunas help with fatigue by transitioning the individual to a more relaxed state of mind, therefore causing them to sleep through the night easier--a surefire way to dispel fatigue! Additionally, infrared saunas are also beneficial for those who are suffering from insomnia.

In general, saunas can help improve one’s sleep schedule by helping individuals fall asleep more quickly. The heat from the saunas help alleviate and ease the mind and any residual stress; once an individual’s mind is calmed down, sleep is more easily attainable for that person.

How Do Infrared Saunas Ease Muscle and Joint Pain?

Sore muscles are unfortunately a huge symptom of anxiety. Anxious thoughts often lead to aching, agitated muscles. This can easily turn into a vicious cycle as the tense muscles and joints will feed into the anxiety, and vice versa. The heat from the sauna quickly soothes the muscles from within, according to Good Health Saunas

As always, before deciding on participating at a sauna, make sure that you conduct your own research beforehand and familiarize yourself with the pros and cons. If you are a person who feels easily faint from heat or feels claustrophobic in some sort of way, saunas may not be the most suitable, plausible choice for you. Aside from that, infrared saunas withhold many benefits in regards to easing anxiety and enhancing mood overall.