Heavy Legs? It’s Time to Recover with Pneumatic Compression

Colgate Football player Jake Froschauer, using Recovery Compression Sleeves at R3 Recovery Spa & Lounge

Pneumatic compression is an excellent recovery tool used by elite athletes across the world searching for optimized recovery and rehabilitation. R3 Lab uses NormaTec compression devices in order to assist athletes and every day customers in achieving an expedited road to recovery in between training sessions and after performance.

At R3 Recovery Lab, Dr. Carmen Romano makes sure that everyone who comes through his door is educated on how to unlock their better selves -- in life and in physical activity.

Heavy legs are one of the most rewarding and frustrating results of an intense workout. You just completed a killer training session - your lungs are craving air and your legs are shaking. As each day afterwards goes by, your legs seem to feel progressively heavy… But the show goes on and you can’t slow your life down due to aching limbs!

Pneumatic compression is highly popular among endurance athletes

Curious about how it works? Dr. Romano explains that “Vasopneumatic Compression Sleeves are broken into segments which inflate and deflate in specific patterns producing an increased blood flow. It speeds recovery so you can get to victory.” Pneumatic compression doesn’t have to be reserved just for elite athletes -- Dr. Romano makes this recovery tool accessible for people of all walks of life to enhance their lives and relieve their pain.

Post-Iron Man recovery protocol at R3 Lab.

These sleeves use air to create a dynamic compression that massages your limbs, similarly to the kneading of a deep tissue massage. The advanced pulse technology compresses and releases your limbs from bottom to top in a pulse massage pattern in order to increase blood flow and to expedite the removal process of metabolic waste.

One of the key features of compression sleeves that makes them so popular amongst elite athletes is their ability to reduce lactic acid buildup after high-intensity training sessions. Lactic acid buildup is what causes that burning feeling in your muscles, and the heaviness in the days after. The increased blood flow induced by compression sleeves pours a rush of oxygen-rich blood into your muscles, supplying fresh nutrients and hydration, and speeding up your recovery -- not to mention that the sensation is relieving like that of a massage!

Bernard’s High Field Hockey players getting in some much needed recovery at R3 Lab.


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