Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s likely that there will be copious amounts of food around. Mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, squash casserole, pumpkin pie, while absolutely delicious, can quickly add up in an unhealthy way. Why not find some equally yummy but healthy food supplements to serve to your family and friends? It doesn’t hurt to do some quick research -- who knows, maybe you’ll find a recipe that tastes better and contains plenty of nutrients! Read on to discover some healthy recipe options that you can consider when Thanksgiving comes around.

What Are Some Healthy Main Course Meal Proposals?

Wild Rice and Cherry Pilaf is a highly recommended main course meal by Woman’s Day. Since it’s filled with so many flavors, guests (and yourself) won’t be able to get enough of this meal! Separately, Martha Stewart recommends Stewed White Beans with Tomatoes and Rosemary. Furthermore, Stewart also suggests a simple Vegan Stuffing replacement. Another recommended recipe from Stewart are the Roasted Carrots with Red Quinoa and Spinach. Lastly, she also suggests a Vegan Mashed Potatoes recipe and a Roasted Squash with Shallots, Grapes and Sage recipe.

How About the Side Dish Options?

Green Beans with Chorizo and Almond Crumbs are a recommended Thanksgiving side dish, according to Woman’s Day. Plus, the meal can be prepared up to two days before Thanksgiving Day! Another Thanksgiving side dish that can be implemented are Squash Toasts (these can also be utilized as appetizers--whichever you prefer)! As for a replacement for mashed potatoes, Woman’s Day recommends Mini Hasselback Potatoes topped with Chive Butter. These toasted golden miniature potatoes don’t have the extra calories that mashed potatoes contain. Furthermore, if you’re thinking about serving green beans, try altering the recipe a bit by adding almonds and toasted garlic to them--these particular ingredients add more texture and flavor.

What Are Some Dessert Alternatives?

Desserts are extremely prevalent on Turkey Day. An assortment of pies are often served with pumpkin pie apple pie being the crowd favorites. A potential alternative for a Thanksgiving dessert are Pecan Glazed Carrots. Additionally, topped with cinnamon and yogurt, Coriander Roasted Sweet Potatoes are perfect for a light but sweet dessert. Another variation of a sweet potato recipe that can be used is Hasselback Butternut Squash with Browned Butter (yum) and the Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes, topped with meringue. Lastly, as for the typical calorie-filled cranberry sauce that you may have cooked up in the past, try replacing it with antioxidant-rich Cranberry-Grape Sauce (or use Cranberry-Apple Chutney as recommended by Martha Stewart)! Additionally, Stewart recommends a few different vegan-based desserts: Vegan Apple Pie, Cranberry-Vanilla Compote, Poached Red Wine Pears and Vegan Spiced Red Fruit Tarts. 

All in all, finding healthier alternatives on Thanksgiving is actually easier than one might think! These recipes still maintain that delicious flavor that everyone craves--just without the added fattening and sugary ingredients. Eat as much food as you want without feeling that aching guilt afterwards.