8 Ways Coffee Benefits Your Health

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘coffee’? Is it the aroma? Is it the Starbucks barista who purposely spells your name wrong on your coffee cup? Personally, the first thought that comes to mind when I think of coffee are the coffee fanatics--the people who need coffee first thing in the morning otherwise they will lack energy and barely make it through the day. It is pretty clear that coffee can be addictive and a lot of people rely on it greatly.

Everyone talks about the consequences of drinking coffee consistently, but what about the positives? Does coffee have any health benefits? It turns out, for all the coffee addicts out there, you’re in luck! Not only does coffee boost one’s mood, but it has a multitude of health benefits.

Continue reading to learn more about how coffee is surprisingly good for you in a lot of ways. Also, check out this article for these coffee health benefits and more!

1. Improves Mood/Reduces Suicide Risk

A study conducted between the years 1980-1990 indicated that consuming coffee and other caffeine-based beverages can improve your overall mood overtime. The study was conducted on 86,626 different women, between the ages of 34-59 years old. The conclusion of this study revealed that coffee/caffeine consumption can boost one’s mood, reducing the potential risks of depression and suicide. Read more.

A separate study conducted at Harvard School of Public Health revealed that women who consume four or more cups of coffee are 20% less likely to be diagnosed with depression. More information here.

2. Correlated With Longer Life Spans

The good news for moderate coffee drinkers is that consuming coffee can actually increase the longevity of one’s life. In November 2015, Circulation conducted a study that concluded that coffee consumption is linked to a lower mortality rate. The study also revealed that the consumption of coffee is not attibuted to cancer, suicide, neurologic disease, or cardiovascular disease, despite contrary belief. Additionally, the study revealed that consuming more than five cups of coffee is not associated with a high death risk either.

3. Alleviates Pain

Interestingly enough, research indicates that two cups of coffee actually diminish pain by up to 48% post-workout. Next time you experience soreness after a run or a few laps, try drinking some coffee (as well as water, of course) and see if it helps! Follow this link in order to learn more.

4. Decreases Risk of Heart Disease

A Korean study was done on 25,038 middle-aged women and men; it revealed that people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee daily are less likely to display early signs of heart disease. Click here for more information.

A couple of other studies were conducted backing up this fact. A study conducted in Brazil on 1,570 older women and men with no pre-existing heart diseases concluded that people who drink coffee are less prone to the development of calcification within their coronary arteries. This article provides more information. Most recently, a 2019 study showed that the hardening of arteries does not occur even if one consumes upwards of twenty-five cups of coffee. Head on over to this link to read more.

5. Lowers Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Many studies back up the fact that caffeine may actually prevent the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, The Krembil Brain Institute recently did a study in November 2018 that proved why and how this is. According to this article, the researchers essentially found that the compounds in roasted coffee obtain ingredients that prevent two protein fragments often found in Alzheimers (and Parkinson’s disease) from forming and evolving.

6. Lowers Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

The consumption of coffee reduces the possibility of Parkinson’s disease regardless of if it is in your family genetics or not. Researchers in Sweden discovered that there is a genetic variation in coffee that will help avid coffee drinkers avoid the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Who knew coffee could protect us from so many different things? Find out more about how coffee prevents one from getting Parkinson’s disease here.

7. Lowers Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

A study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry shows that at least four cups of coffee on a daily basis may help prohibit the development of multiple sclerosis. Caffeine, which is one of the components of coffee, has protective properties that prevent MS from developing. Wow--it all sounds pretty complex, but it is pretty evident that people are underestimating the many advantages of drinking coffee.

8. Prevents Cavities, Improves Eyesight and More!

In addition to what has previously been listed, there are countless other health benefits from coffee. Coffee also:

- Boosts your energy levels.

- Contains vital nutrients.

- Protects your eyesight.

There you go, coffee lovers! Feel free to drink all the coffee you want (well, maybe you should still drink it in moderation!) without any remorse or regret. Feel free to send this article to any coffee-shamers you may know!