5 Health Benefits of Oranges

Oranges are known for being a sweet and juicy fruit with an abundance of vitamin C. Nevertheless, these tangy fruits have many more health benefits to offer than they are commonly known for. Whether you consume your oranges as a snack, a side or a fresh-pressed juice, we encourage you to enjoy this fruit on a regular basis. Read on to find out how oranges can help you unlock your better self!

1. Source of Vitamin C

One single orange contains more than your daily value of vitamin C. A healthy daily dosage of vitamin C boosts your immune system, and helps protect and prevent your body against chronic diseases, colds and infections.

2. Lower Your Cholesterol

Oranges are packed with soluble fiber, which makes them a powerful tool in lowering cholesterol. They’re great for digestion, while also keeping you full so that you don’t splurge! Looking for other foods that help lower cholesterol? Check out this list for foods you might want to start adding to your plate.

3. High in Potassium

Bananas aren’t your only potassium-friendly fruit. Oranges are also loaded with potassium, a mineral that lowers your blood pressure and boosts your heart health. If you’re looking to boost your daily potassium intake, you might want to start sneaking an orange or two into your daily snacktime.

4. Skin-Tastic

Much like carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin, oranges are chock-full of beta-carotene which provides anti-aging properties while protecting your skin from toxins and free radicals.

5. Oranges for Eyesight

Oranges are rich in cartenoids, which are converted within the body to vitamin A. Vitamin A aids and enhances vision while also supplying the body with anti-inflammatory benefits. Your vision loves this essential vitamin because it is known to behave in a preventative manner towards macular degeneration and cataracts.

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