5 Every Day Health Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy. You’ve heard of it, you’ve seen pictures of it, and you’ve been told it’s the latest trend among celebrities, professional athletes, CrossFit competitors, and fitness enthusiasts.

LeBron James, Steph Curry, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Kobe Bryant, and Mandy Moore are just a few of the health-conscious athletes and celebrities who’ve been known to reap the benefits of this ice-cold wellness therapy.

Sounds like one of those fancy modern-day treatments that’s only accessible to those of celebrity status, right?


Cryotherapy is actually accessible to your everyday individual, and is a beneficial treatment to be added to regular wellness routines. But what exactly is it?

Think of that ice pack you put on your back when it hurts, or on your knee when your knee pain kicks in. The ice pack aids in relieving your pain, while reducing swelling. Cryotherapy was born from that fundamental principle. According to Dr. Carmen Romano of R3 Recovery Lab in Madison, NJ, cryotherapy is “the process of brief exposure to extremely cold, dry air which stimulates the body’s natural responses, reducing pain, promoting weight loss and reducing inflammation.”

Very much like that ice pack, but on a whole new level, cryotherapy uses advanced technology to be used as either a full body process or as a local process. The full body process involves full-body entry into a cold chamber, whereas the local process targets localized areas of concern that may be injured or inflamed (i.e. shoulder, bicep, knee, ankle).

There are MANY reasons why anyone who prioritizes health and wellness may want to think about infusing cryotherapy into their lifestyle routine. The possible benefits are huge, including:

1. Workout Recovery

2. Injury Recovery

3. Pain Management

4. Beauty & Anti-Aging

5. Promotes Weight Loss

Cryotherapy has been known to benefit athletes and fitness enthusiasts with the recovery process by reducing pain symptoms, reducing swelling, treating tissue damage, slowing down cellular metabolism, and accelerating return to performance. It comes as no surprise that an increasing amount of athletes of all levels have begun to incorporate cryotherapy into both their workout recovery routines and their injury recovery processes.

Wellness enthusiasts have grown to love the therapy for its potential to increase cell rejuvenation, improve skin tone, reduce signs of aging, manage acne breakouts and eczema, stimulate collagen production, and increase metabolism. Local process cryotherapy is especially popular in the form on facial cryotherapy (or “cryo facial”) for those who are looking to experience the facial beauty benefits of the treatment.

Cryotherapy is much more prevalent than you may realize, and is being increasingly used by your everyday health-conscious individual. From busy moms to fitness fanatics, right down to sufferers of chronic pain, cryotherapy could very well be the treatment your mind and body needs. Best of all, the treatment only take a few minutes, and produces immediate results, so it can easily be incorporated into your self-care schedule.

If you decide to give this ice cold therapy a shot, just remember to consult with a doctor in order to see if cryotherapy is safe for you and compatible with your wellness concerns.